Dance on the edge of the art

Dance as an art form has always suffered from a lack of sensible definition. On the flip side, Dance has the ability to converse well with other art forms, and with other domains of knowledge.

Here are two recent videos posted on Vimeo that support both these thoughts. The first films a team of free runners in such a theatrical way as to bring the work into the realm of dance. The second combines visual arts and dance movement, again, in theatrical space and time. Both videos use filmic devices to abstract and manipulate the body in space.

Is this dance fusion? or dance film? or art performance? or just film/video that uses choreography and the body?

Holi Shit from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.

??? SCRIPTURA VITAE † A film by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic | Music by Diplo ??? from Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic on Vimeo.

What I love about dance

I love that dance is visual and non-verbal (most of the time). I love the way bodies in space make momentary meaning, glimpses of ideas, spirit and soul, which are lost before you realise what they are. I love the transitory nature of dance, and yet the body memory that lasts forever.

I love the rhythm, sweat and humour of dance. I love pretty much any style of dance, but I want to see unique takes on style. I don’t like watching or performing repetitive movements. I am only interested in individual and creative works and that’s why I am so interested in choreography and the building blocks of creating dance.

I am passionate about dance in education. Not dance in private studios, although of course this has a place, if studio dance is taught well. But more importantly, every young person should have the opportunity to learn dance (how to dance, how to create dance and how to view and understand dance). This can only be done in schools, and for free. If all young people learnt about dance, there is more chance they would have physical confidence, cultural understanding, enhanced imagination and creativity and increased interpersonal skills. I love that dance educates the body, the mind and the spirit.