Daily Prompt: Impossibility

What are the six impossible things that I believe in?


1. That dance will become a globally accepted and respected art form for its beauty, complexity and cultural worth
2. That people will understand the theatrical and artistic intention of dance and the difference between movement as physical activity and movement (dance) as an art form
3. That all people will stop discriminating against those who dance
4. That males can dance without fear
5. That females can dance without being sexualised
6. That all people, everywhere, dance.

Why are these impossibilities at this moment in time?

I’m sure you don’t want to hear the word, but the main culprit is misogyny. Dance is female, and feminine, and therefore spurned by men. The material of dance is the body and the body is always at risk of being sexualised. Men feel threatened if their bodies are on display. Especially if the display threatens their concept of sexuality. Men threaten other men who dance with criticism, or worse. Dance is threatening to men, period.

The denigration of the art form of dance is accepted as part of western culture. My six impossibilities have no business being impossible. How do we free men from their fear?

Crowdfunding dance

Crowdfunding of creative projects has been around for a while, and dance artists and companies are using crowdfunding sites to seek support and to market themselves.

Crowdfunding site: Kickstarter

I’ve done a bit of a trawl through key site Kickstarter to see the variety of projects seeking funding support. Projects range from school and community-based dance projects to professional performances, dance films and installations. Kickstarter has a dedicated DANCE section which makes browsing relevant dance projects easy.

It isn’t easy to embed Kickstarter videos into WordPress blogs so I will provide a direct link to the Kickstarter page. I’ve chosen 3 examples, just to show you the range of projects:

There Will Be Fire – The Hartt School Senior Dance Concert 
‘There Will Be Fire’ is a collaborative performance culminating four years of creative process by graduates of the Connecticut-based Hartt School.  The performance includes group pieces and solos commissioned from outside artists.

Ghost line by Cori Olinghouse

A 16mm experimental dance film collaboration between dance artist Cori Olinghouse and Shona Masarin, a New York City based Australian film artist whose work involves the physical, alchemical, and sculptural manipulation of found images and materials to create abstract animations.

Dana Foglia Dance / An exciting new show ” I am…We are…”

[about the show] “‘ I am…We are…’ is a fearless follow-up to my latest show “We are the Works in Progress” , which premiered in Los Angeles in November to sold-out crowds. This time around we are back at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center in NYC, where my company did their very first full length production “Vatic”. Im using this show to further expand on certain concepts such as rolling chairs, soccer balls, markers, tape,as well as pieces that have become “staple” to Dana Foglia Dance’s repertoire… Each and everytime I am creating work, whether large or small, I am improving and building upon my vocabulary and allowing me to become more and more fearless.

Crowdfunding site: Pozible

Pozible is an Australian crowdfunding site, so for Australian students of dance, and dance artists and companies seeking support, Pozible is worth a look. I would like to see a dedicated DANCE area of this site, although you can search on dance to see projects related to dance.

Here is one example of a successful Australian dance project funded through online support on Pozible:

Shaun Parker and Veronica Neave will spend three weeks testing over thirty ideas in an International dance residency at the Kishkinda Trust in Hampi, India. ‘The objective of the residency is to develop a pedagogy for extracting movement from theories of evolution and anthropology.  Veronica and Shaun will work with a local performance artist trained in classical Indian dance, to examine the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary movement forms.’