Australian curriculum: dance LIVE


The Australian Arts Curriculum has finally been completed and uploaded to the official Australian Curriculum website. Well, almost.

The arts curriculum is ‘available for use, awaiting final endorsement’. I think that means that all states and territories will now consider implementation, except perhaps NSW, where there may still be issues with organisation and content. (NOTE I only suspect this as I no longer participate in consultation at this level).

The website is experiencing a few teething problems—I couldn’t get the glossary to load and the view of the dance curriculum with content elaborations was also unavailable this morning.

There are a few refinements on the last draft (July 2013). In a quick scan I noticed some changes in the content descriptions and achievement standards. It is important that teachers have the latest draft – don’t work from earlier drafts because there have been changes throughout the consultation process.

Implementation for specialist secondary dance teachers should be fairly straight forward. There is sufficient scope to tailor programs to individuals cohorts. The ‘scope and sequence’ (not really a S&S, rather a sequenced list of content descriptions) allows teachers to look forward and back to individualise content for students needing extra support, or extension.

Primary teachers who are new to teaching dance will need a lot of support to be able to program with confidence from the content descriptions, elaborations and examples of knowledge and skills.


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