Daily Prompt: Impossibility

What are the six impossible things that I believe in?


1. That dance will become a globally accepted and respected art form for its beauty, complexity and cultural worth
2. That people will understand the theatrical and artistic intention of dance and the difference between movement as physical activity and movement (dance) as an art form
3. That all people will stop discriminating against those who dance
4. That males can dance without fear
5. That females can dance without being sexualised
6. That all people, everywhere, dance.

Why are these impossibilities at this moment in time?

I’m sure you don’t want to hear the word, but the main culprit is misogyny. Dance is female, and feminine, and therefore spurned by men. The material of dance is the body and the body is always at risk of being sexualised. Men feel threatened if their bodies are on display. Especially if the display threatens their concept of sexuality. Men threaten other men who dance with criticism, or worse. Dance is threatening to men, period.

The denigration of the art form of dance is accepted as part of western culture. My six impossibilities have no business being impossible. How do we free men from their fear?

Video promo: Dublin Dance Festival

This video promo for the Dublin Dance festival was directed by Ged Murray. The Festival dates are 14-26 May 2013 and the program features European and Irish works, but also Australian choreographers such as Lucy Guerin and Ros Warby. There is a special screening of the documentary ‘Life in Movement’ which commemorates the life and work of Sydney Dance Company director Tanja Liedtke.

Dance festivals and advocacy

The Dublin Dance festival website has lots of information, images and links. The ‘About us’ area lists some memorable core values for the organisation:

  • We value creativity
  • We value originality
  • We value integrity
  • We value diversity
  • We value critical reflection
  • We value artists
  • We value our audiences
  • We value commitment and dedication
  • We value partnerships and collaboration
  • We value financial responsibility

Dance video students can learn from this video

The video promo has some good lessons for students of dance video. The use of camera angle and viewpoint and cropping of the frame captures the body and movement in unique ways. These techniques support the use of motif, repetition and variation. Design-wise, the use of colour enhances visual impact and intention.